Yod-Dropping in the UK (East Anglia)

Investigate the use of yod-dropping in the UK (mainly East Anglia as that\’s where it is most prevalent), and the sociolinguistic variables that effect its usage age, class, gender, education etc.

It is important that there is a main point of some sort, not just a collection of facts a hypothesis you argue for, a new generalisation that you justify, a theory that you support on the basis of newly published evidence.

This research paper is for a writing class on dialects, so it is VITAL that the sentences flow nicely and that sentence subjects are not too long etc. this also means that the paper should include DIALECTS, not just the linguistic changes that come with yod-dropping, but the variables (age, sex, class, education) that are changing the dialects of East Anglia as a whole.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!