Write an essay on th The Street by Ann Perty.

In order to achieve the best possible grade, the following requirements must be reflected in your final essay project. The following are mandatory requirements. Your grade will be based on reflecting each of the criteria in your essay. The final essay is due May 4th by 11:59 pm on Moodle.


MLA (see the \”The MLA Format Using MS Word)

Times New Roman font style

12 font size


1200 to 2500 words (5-10 pages)

Clear analytical thesis that identifies an overarching theme (The writer must develop this theme from the analytical conclusions s/he has made after annotating and analyzing the text we have read and discussed throughout the semester, as well as the book chosen for the final project. This book must be the focus of the essay.)

Strong supporting evidence/details that validate the thesis

Proper use of literary terms that are genre specific

Synthesizes a minimum of four text (the main text that will be used throughout the essay is the book chosen from the list provided on the syllabus)


Use of paraphrases and summaries must be used, direct quotations should be used minimally

Proper in-text citation format

Sources must be integrated smoothly, clearly, and substantively

Includes a works cited page that adheres to current MLA standards; must use a minimum of four sources

Originality Report must be less than 15 percent