Write an essay about The Accomplished Woman and Gender Roles in Music

Prompt: Certain people in the nineteenth century claimed (incorrectly) that women had made no major contributions to the field of music. We know, however, that one real issue was not that women had made no contributions, but rather that the accepted canon of great musical works had not come to include the contributions by women that did exist.

How did nineteenth century ideas regarding the role of women as composers combine with ideas of canonicity to limit the participation of women in the field of composition?

Additionally, how did these ideas also affect the place in the canon of works by women who did compose?

You must back up your argument by citing sources from the readings. Use no other sources.

Special Requirement:
Based the essay on the reading. You must use the Burkholder (as it talks about the canon in the section labeled \”The Rise of the Classical Repertoire\”) and the Upton (as it illustrates the 19th century ideas of women as composers) and then please use either the Kelly or the Austen. The paper will be stronger by incorporating some discussion of the \”Accomplished Woman\” as part of 19th century expectations of women as composers , but as it is probably not the most important discussion it does not need two sources. It is also completely acceptable to use all four sources if you think you need it, but there must be at least three.

For the second part of the prompt especially, you will need to use concrete examples of women composers from this time period. (Amy Beach)

Please also remember that the paper does need to include a thesis in the introduction. Specificity and clarity are key here, so anything you discuss in the paper, should also be in your thesis!