Write an essay about Emma Watson\’s UN speech on \”Gender Equality\”.

Chosen Writer: Writer #11534

Dear Writer 11534

Please convert the paper (noted as Written Task) into a persuasive speech. I have made some changes to the original paper sent — which I have attached. Speech would be similar to say the Mandela example of \”I have a dream\” or Emma Watson\’s UN speech on \”Gender Equality\”.
The speech should appeal to the audiences sense of emotion and logic. In appealing to their sense of emotion, describe how images of beauty portrayed in the media are unrealistic and impossible to attain and sense of logic by highlighting the dangers of trying to attain perfect beauty. Please use more persuasive languages such as ethos and logos to build a better connection with the audience. The audience for this speech are young people, who are vulnerable to the influence of media because they are body-conscious. In addition, it would be good to group thoughts or list things in a series of three to attract attention, to create rhythm, and to facilitate memory. The triple recurrence strengthens the ideas expressed and compels the audience to understand and remember.