Write a paragraph describing the process of determining the general and specific purpose of a speech.

Write a paragraph describing the process of determining the general and specific purpose of a speech. Begin by selecting a topic that greatly interests you, such as downloading music or perfume creation. Then, using your topic, compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the two processes and list two examples of general and specific purpose statements. Back up your writing with details from your selected topic. Your creativity is encouraged here.

Classmate Response to the question above:
The general purpose of the speech is how you are going to present your topic; such as is your main idea to inform your audience about your topic, or is your main idea to persuade your audience to a side that your subject exploits (Lucas, pg 82-83, 2015). A specific purpose is more, well, specific; it gives you and the audience a more detailed statement that is one sentence about your topic (Lucas, pg 82-83, 2015). For example, my topic is crocheting, my general purpose is to inform, and my specific purpose is to inform my audience about the three most important stitches in crocheting, which is single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. Not only does this statement show the audience that my speech is going to be about the main stitches used in crocheting, but it also says what those main stitches are. It also serves a purpose for the speaker because this narrows their speech by turning the broad topic to a detailed concept that cannot be open to interpretation. Because of this, it makes your speech less confusing to you, and your audience. However, the one issue with my statement is that it is Americanized because there are different labels for stitches depending on what country you live in; therefore I would have to be careful of what country my audience was from for this speech to be useful. That error does not mean the speech would be ruined, however, if my audience had quite a few people who did not live in America I would have to explain the different names for the stitches in my speech.

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