Write a Book Review on \”Math and the Mona Lisa\”

This is a book review about the book Math and the Mona Lisa: The Art and Science of Leonardo da Vinci by Bulent Atalay. This book has a broad view of Leonardo da Vinci, and stories of many famous artists and scientists from all times. The author used these historical events and scientific researches to expound his view on the relationship of art and science/math.

The book review you are going to write has three parts. I set an outline here to guide you. I am trying to informally explain with you how I want the essay to be written.
1st part:
General summaries on each chapters. There are 13 chapters in total, one or two sentences for each. (You dont have to write details on this part)
2nd part:
The thesis of the book, the main point of view of the author. I have one thesis in mind already, I wish you can help me rephrase it, make it more clear. You are going to write about the relationship between art and science. The author noticed that the world tends to separate these two subjects. However, he believes that they are actually blending together; they are influencing each other. Art and science just have their own way studying and expressing the world/nature. Then using the evidences in books from other artists and scientists (other than Leonardo da Vinci) to support both on how they blended and how they differed.
(hints: evidences from the books like golden ratio, the spiral, the invention of photography, the study of the eyes, and so on)
(This part can be flexible, but you have to stick to the book to support the thesis you come up with. This book has a lots of information, it would be easier if you have something to focus on, you dont have to crack every points the author made.)
3rd part:
this part is similar to the 2nd part, except you have to use the evidence/arguments of Leonardo da Vinci, to give a detailed explanation on the thesis of the book. This part focus on what the author write about Leonardo. Why/how did Leonardo become the greatest genius? What/how did he balance the art and science (on his productions)? Whats his contribution to this world?
(hints: his personality, his way of studying and researching, and also he covers all different subjects like physics, math, astronomy, anatomy, architecture and so on)