Windshield assessment

This is a Windshield assessment for Wynwood/Design District and Midtown of Miami Florida

Safety and transportation

. What types of protective services are there? ( e.g. Police, fire, sanitation)
. Are air and water quality monitored?
. What are the number and types of crimes committed? Do people feel safe?
. How do people get around?
. What type of public and private transportation is available?
. Do you see buses, bicycles, taxis?
. Are there sidewalks, bike trails?
. Is getting around in the community available for people with disabilities?

Health and Social Services

. Is there evidence of acute or chronic health problems?
. Are there shelters?
. Is there evidence of traditional healers?
. Are there clinics, hospital, healthcare providers offices, public health services, home, health agencies, emergency centers, nursing homes, social services facilities, mental health services, hospices? List them!