What was the society that produced this play like, and how is this reflected in the play? :Doctor Faustus

Intro to Drama- ENG 203
Research Paper

For each play we read I attempt to play the role of the dramaturge, finding out as much as I can about the play, its production history and the society that created it. By doing so, I can share relevant and interesting facts with the class and further everyones understanding of the piece. For this paper you take on the role of the dramaturge.

Read any of the plays in The Bedford Introduction to Drama 7th Edition that has not been assigned for class.
No more than two people may use the same play. Plays are available on a first come first serve basis. Once you have chosen your play please e-mail me to see if it is still available.
Go to the library and find out more about the play.
Things you might try to find out:
Production History
Critical History & Analysis
What was the society that produced this play like, and how is this reflected in the play?
Information about the playwright.
Using this information write a five to ten page research paper sharing the information that you feel is most relevant and interesting about the piece.
Spelling, grammar and basic writing etiquette are important. Please follow the writing guidelines for the class on blackboard.
All sources must be documented using the MLA style guide.

You must have a minimum of five sources.
Sources that are ok: Books, articles from scholarly sources, newspaper/magazine articles.
Our library has a wonderful database system that allows you to access a wide variety of useful articles. Take advantage of it! If you dont know how to use the system ask one of the librarians, they will be happy to help you.
Sources that are not ok: internet websites containing information that has not been reviewed by someone other than the writer. Example: an article from The New York Times online is fine; an article from Wikipedia is not acceptable.
If you are not sure if a source is ok, e-mail me and ask. Ill be happy to take a look at it and let you know.

Due Date: April 19th no later than Midnight

This paper is worth 150 points broken down by the following:

Sources: 15 Points
Completed As Assigned: 30 Points
Language, Grammar & Proofreading: 30 Points
Structure- is the paper well laid out & does it communicate clearly? 35 Points
Accurate/Interesting/Original Content 40 Points