what is the role of the \’selfie\’ within an online social environment?

Using a method of your choice (content analysis OR digital ethnography), and choosing a specific digital space (a Facebook public page OR an Instagram or Twitter feed OR a forum or blog), research and discuss the following question: what is the role of the \’selfie\’ within an online social environment?

Use digital ethnography method or content analysis. A description and example of this are provided in enclosed files.

This is the marking sheet:
70 79 Excellent (1st / Grade A)
Thoughtful answer informed by wider reading showing clarity of thought and personal insight.
Understanding: Thorough understanding of the relevant material and issues demonstrating
insight and a good level of evaluation.
Depth of Knowledge: Comprehensive range of relevant literature, evidence is used to support
arguments, awareness of wider issues.
Structure: Clear, logical and integrated presentation.
60 69 Good (Upper 2nd / Grade B)
Good understanding of basic principles and relevant evidence, with a coherent and logical argument.
Understanding: Good understanding of the relevant material and issues with development of
analytical thought.
Depth of Knowledge: Good use of relevant literature.
Structure: Coherent, well organised and logical presentation.

I will include several links for this theme and add an example of the essay which is others student essay on the same topic (digital ethnography method)


Before a writer will start working on the paper I need to know what method did he choose and what social platform ? (IT HAS TO BE ONLY ONE PLATFORM AND ONLY ONE METHOD)