What is the connection between language and violence?

What is the connection between language and violence? To answer this question and to analyze this connection, rely mostly on The Sympathizer for your support. Make sure to use examples/quotes from the beginning, middle, and end of Nguyens novel to prove you read it. Additionally, use an example/quote from Apocalypse Now(since well watch it in class), from Anzaldas How
to Tame a Wild Tongue, and from Morrisons Nobel Lecture. You may also include your own observations and anecdotes from your life to support your thesis. Use 1-2 quotations per paragraph to support your topic sentences. Use the sandwich method and in-text citations. Write a fully developed essay of 4-6 pages. Use MLA style, including a Works Cited page and in-text citations. Write mostly in third-person, and you may also use first-person sparingly, but avoid second-person if possible.