What are some aspects of our bodies that shape who we are? Weight? Fitness? Food choices?

For this assignment, you will create a photo essay. A photo essay contains a series of photographs that makes a unified argument. These photos are often accompanied by a caption that helps illustrate a point the photo is making. The text (caption) and visual (photo) should work together. Your photo essay will reflect on attitudes toward the body. Just like a written essay, a photo essay must have an overarching message/thesis that makes a universal point to its audience. It also has a title, a clear pattern of organization, and uses rhetorical appeals to connect to its audience. Essentially, it is the same as a written essay except that it uses visuals and words combined to make its point.

**Your finished photo essay should have between 10-20 photos. Make sure you have enough photos/evidence to make your point, but not too many that you are starting to lose your viewer.

Here are some questions to help you get started thinking about the body:

What are some aspects of our bodies that shape who we are? Weight? Fitness? Food choices?

How are our bodies represented in advertising, and in art and literature?

What attitudes do we have about bodies? What are ideal bodies?

How do illnesses and addictions get treated in our society? What about physical disabilities?

Authors Statement

Your authors statement needs to discuss what your photo essays overall message is, how you supported that message with evidence (photos/captions), why you chose those particular photos, and why you organized the photo essay as you did (why did you start with one photo and end with another). Your analysis should also discuss what your intended effect is on the audience (rhetorical appeals used) and how you achieved that effect. This should be approximately 2-3 pages, with developed paragraphs supported by details.

Sources: Use however many sources you need as long as it fills the requirement.