Water Scarcity In the U.S.A

Your essay should be 3000-3500 words submitted in Microsoft Word Format. Remember that you must use at least 10 resources, although you are welcome to use more, and the strongest papers will find a healthy balance between using the course material and scholarly sources, as well as primary sources, like news articles. Please note that your works cited page does NOT count toward your word limit.

**Make sure to use proper in-text citations or footnotes throughout your essay** This is one of the biggest mistakes that students make, and can result in severe grade reductions. Make sure to revisit the course website page on citations if you have further questions.
These are some class topics if you can mention some of them in the essay that would be great but the essay is mainly about (Water Scarcity).
the other topics:
Week 4 – Overpopulation and Scarcity
Week 5 – We Are What We Eat
Week 6 – Commodity Chains
Week 7- Environmental Health
Week 8 – Environmental Justice
Week 9 – Natural Resource Extraction
Week 10 – Conservation and Protected Areas
Week 11 – Climate Change