U.S. Economic Growth – The Latest Rates

U.S. economic growthWhat are the latest rates? Go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis Web site, www.bea.gov. Click on \”Interactive Data\”, then \”GDP & Personal Income\”, then \”Begin Using the Data\” – then click \”Section 1 – Domestic Product and Income\”, then select \”Table 1.1.1.\” ( Line 1, Gross Domestic Product, will help you write your paper). See the image below.*

What are the quarterly growth rates (annualized) for the U.S. economy for the last six quarters? Is the average of those rates above or below the long-run U.S. annual growth rate of 3.5 percent? Expand the range of years, if necessary, to find the last time real GDP declined in two or more successive quarters. What were those quarters? (You can change the data timeline by clicking on \”Modify\” and selecting specific years.)

*The \”image below\” is in the uploaded file