Tribute to Mom\’s funeral. To mother from son

Were from fiji Island and came to US 35 years ago. My mother never speak or learn english. shes a home maker and did everything for us while my dad works. My father passed away 4 years ago from this month and im still in shock.My mother was also sick. shes hard of hearing , she has diabetes and uses c pap at night but never complain of her illness. i have 3 sisters. Marilyn who stays with mom and takes care of her and want to thank her for that while the three siblings are away from home. i live just 2 hours away from mom but i come to see her and stay with her for a week until my work is done. Im 48 years old. My mother would always cook breakfast for me before i go to work. my mom cooked really good and if there are people who come to visit she would always feed them and still have something to go for them. we leaved a simple life. we never have what others have when we were little when we lived in america but the caring of my mother for us is all that is important and thats what i am now because of her. the family is the most important to all of us. my mother really never get to go anywhere besides with us. I would like a very important and meaningful message to say about mom if you can create a unique one i would really appreciate it.