To parrole board on Charles Manson


Posted on: Monday, April 17, 2017 12:00:00 AM CDT

Its time to construct a hypothetical REPORT TO PAROLE BOARD on Charles Manson.

Your role as Administrative Officer is to write a report recommending or opposing the potential parole of Mr. Manson. Here is your scenario (fictitious) for this writing assignment:

Charles Manson is, yet again, up for parole. He has served nearly 44 years in prison. He is perceived as old, frail, cranky, physically debilitated, under treatment for colon cancer and mentally ill. Manson and his attorneys are asking the California Parole Board that he be paroled to a well-respected inmate advocate who resides in a small farming community in northern California. This advocate, a retired Catholic nun, has run a halfway-house for adult male offenders as a transition point from prison. In some cases, the facility has become the final residence for older offenders to live out the remainder of their lives, using social security and Medicare. The nun has an excellent record for operating the facility. No parolee has ever, in 14 years of operation, been charged with committing a crime while residing in her facility.

Set in the hills of Wine Country in Northern California (on the outskirts of Santa

Rosa), the facility, Sister Marys Hope House, has a strong relationship with local law enforcement, corrections, parole officers and churches. Mr. Manson is hoping for the opportunity to reside at the Hope House for whatever time he has left to live.

Understand your recommendation will be VERY influential to the California Parole

Board. Utilizing internet, media, literature (NOT Wikipedia!), you will review subject information to assist you in formulating your recommendations. Be sure to cite resources. PLEASE make sure you provide all requested information. DO YOUR