Theoretical Model

OUTLINE – Applying a Theoretical Model
Applying a Theoretical Model Final Paper, 30%Paper Outline. See outline below
Paper Draft. Post the draft of your paper on blackboard in 2 locations:

1) Assignments and
2) Discussion Board.Final Paper8-10 pages MAX, Minimum of 8 references (journal article or book). Submit on blackboard prior to class start time.This is written assignment on an intervention or interventions used with a client system that integrates use of one of the cognition and meaning-focused intervention approaches covered in this course (e.g., cognitive-behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, solution-focused approaches). This paper must describe a differential assessment of the client and the rationale for selecting and applying the theoretical model and intervention used with this particular case. Students should critically assess their clinical work with the client and discuss lessons learned in the implementation of the intervention. Use of relevant empirical studies or literature is required to substantiate the discussion.The paper structure is outlined below:
I. Client SystemIn this section include biopsychosocial and differential assessment.

II. Literature ReviewDo a brief literature review on your client system and interventions for client system (e.g., if your client is a family with an alcoholic parent, find articles on alcoholic parents and treatment options) Review at least 5-7 sources of current, preferably written no earlier than 2000, scholarly literature.)

III. Selected InterventionIn this section, describe your selected intervention (e.g., cognitive-behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, solution-focused approaches) and your reasoning for utilizing the selected intervention with your client system.

IV. Findings & DiscussionCompare and contrast your work with your client system with what you found in the literature. Develop tentative conclusions regarding how social workers can best assist your client system based on a critical analysis of the literature, class materials, and your own thinking/experience.

V. Cross Cultural /Social Identity AspectWhat would be different if you changed one aspect of your client’s socio-cultural identity (e.g., race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion) Identify one social identifier and change it (e.g., change client’s sexual orientation from heterosexual to pansexual or client’s sex from male to female) and discuss how your practice would change or not change and why.

VI. Limitations and ChallengesCritically assess your clinical work with the client and discuss lessons learned, limitations and challenges in the implementation of the intervention.