The Pursuit of Happines and Human Resource Management

Your assigned movie essay for Human Resource Management will be to watch The Pursuit of Happiness movie.
As you are watching the movie, look for examples that relate to concepts and terminology from your textbook. The purpose of the paper will be to prove to me that you understand HRM concepts and terminology by the way you integrate them into your paper. You are also free to be creative in how you weave the material from the course into the discussion of the movie and similar situations from your own life or other situations that you are aware of.
Your paper needs to be at least a two page word-processed paper, with 1\” margins all around in which terms and concepts from the chapter are bolded within your explanations of how various examples from the movie are tied into the study of Management.
In terms of format, I prefer 1.5\” line spacing, block style papers that have no indents and your leaving the right edge ragged. Please just skip a space between paragraphs. No cover page is required. Not following my formatting guidelines will result in a grade reduction of at least 10 points. Textbook: HR3, Denisi/Griffin, 2016, Cengage, 978-1-285-86757-1