The Program of Study

Introduction: Identify the Topic (revised)
2.Statement of the Problem (revised)
3.Guiding Question(s) and Strategy (revised)
4.Literature Review (4 5 pages)
5.Reference List

Conduct a literature review of 10 or more scholarly articles related to the topic/issue you have identified for your SLP. Please do not confuse a literature review with an annotated bibliography (a list of references). The literature review should be a discussion of the related literature, organized by topic or themes (not a list of the articles).

A literature review includes synthesis, analysis, and critique of scholarly articles, textbooks, or other sources.

There is a helpful Module 2 reading that can guide you through the development of a literature review:

Chapter 5: Analyzing and categorizing the Literature Critically

Chapter 6: The Structure of the Literature Review

Oliver, P. (2012). Succeeding with Your Literature Review: A Handbook for Students. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education