The Music of Al Andalus

*Readings reports: Every student is required to submit comprehensive readings reports in class (graded 5% each; minimum of 2 p. Times New Roman 12 pts, single spaced).

*Every report should contain a summary, the student personal opinion (including an evaluation of strengths, weaknesses and interesting points the student should provide valid arguments, as well as quotations and specific references to real-world events and personal stories) and links established with the courses content.

*Personal opinion should be as extensive as the summary (well developed), and arguments could be based on personal experiences/observations but also (and this is highly valued) on other references.

*Guidelines for writing a summary:

*Ps. I have attached the resource I need used for the reading report. NO outside sources, except for the one I have attached
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-this summary should only target the following pages:
970 to 979
Therefore excluding the short biographies of the Iranian Jewish Musician and Sheikh Raymond.