The intersection between engineering and ecology.

1-Your piece could be focused on ideas from one or both
2-Make the goal of the piece (the central idea you wish to explain or analyze) clear in the introduction.
3-Return to the idea in the concluding paragraph, reminding readers of the major goal and tying together your points.
4-Choose an informative title, and informative headings.
5-Use three figures or Tables that have captions (numbered appropriately and referred to in your text, e.g. Table 1. … Figure 1, Figure 2… .
6-Use APA format citations.
7-Length – 2 – 2.5 pages/double spaced (It can be longer, depending on your topic.)
8-Use bold headings for each section


Talk descriptions and reading marterials on the GreenTalk site: (Links to an external site.)

Siddharth Narayan

\”Nature Defenses\” Coastal Resilience App: (Links to an external site.)

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Leslie Jacboy (has also kindly provided her slides):
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Talk citations:
Jacoby, L. (March 8, 2017). The urban falconer: human-raptor connections. GreenTalk Symposium Lecture, San Jos State University, San Jos, CA.
Narayan, S., Trespalacios, D., Beck, M. W., Reguero, B. G. (March 15, 2017). Nature-based solutions for coastal risk reduction: how engineers, ecologists and economists can collaborate to bring theory to action. GreenTalk Symposium Lecture, San Jos State University, San Jos, CA.