The Impact of Technicolor in Movie Industries and Network TV

The attachments are the guide line from my professor for this paper. He states specifically about every requirements for this paper .

To be clearer, my topic is gonna go from the history of 3 strip technicolor to Eastmancolor and the effects of them later on to the movie industries and the network TV in the 50s. How this piece of technology affects the later one movies and TV.

– You will need a really well written essay structure for this paper .
-Need a very clear thesis statement.
-Well developed and orgainzed paragraphs
-At lease three sources, (Acceptable sources include books, articles
published in scholarly journals, and articles published in newspapers and periodicals.)
-Do not write an overly general history of your topic.
– Please write something that can be proved through the history aspects.
-Write something that can be argued about! don\’t just write the fact from the history facts.

The rest instructions please read carefully in the attachment!!!
I also attached the lecture notes from my class, which can also help you get more understanding what we\’ve talked in the lecture.

Another attachment was from my TA, who talked me how to write this paper. He is the one who is gonna grade this paper. So please satisfy what he wants. (this attachment is a screenshot from the email. )