The Impact of High-Growth Women Entrepreneurs in Economic Growth of Developing Countries Case study of Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs

This research is looking at the impacts of High-growth Women Entrepreneurs with formalised businesses and how their business activities are impacting positively on the economic growth developing countries. (The focus of this research in Nigeria Women Entrepreneurs)This research will focus on five different areas of business sectors commonly founded by women entrepreneurs in Nigeria namely Hospitality & Event Management; Education; Professional Services; Fashion & Textiles and Not-for-profit/charitable Organisations

This research will examine:
The nature of High-growth women entrepreneurs involvements in various sectors of the economy
How their business activities impact on the economic growth of developing countries
Ascertaining the level of their involvements and influences in the sectors of economy where they are actively involved.
Identifying and measuring progress and achievement made from previous research findings to current state of events.
Reviewing of past literature on similar topics and bench-mark with new findings.
Analyse result to be used to assess and measure any improvements in women entrepreneurial activities that have contributed to the economic development
Examine other external factors such as policies and regulations, government interventions, infrastructures affecting women entrepreneurs Also, the contribution of non-governmental organisations.
Examining current parameters in place to support and empower women entrepreneurship.
Areas of improvement will also be identified as means of improvement for enabling environment, possible policy reviews and increasing supports which will promote business growth and expansion for greater impact in the countrys economic growth

I have written my Abstract and Introduction (ongoing); I have developed my questionnaire (online) and sent out to Business Entrepreneurs in Nigeria; I have already written the Abstract and Introduction. I need the service of your writers to commence on the Literature review, Research Methodology, Survey collation, analysis, discussion and conclusion.
I am happy to send the works i have already done for the purpose of continuity as well as the questionnaire.