The Harlem Renaissance

HIS 301 Cultural Diversity
The research paper should demonstrate the full extent of the student\’s scholarship by virtue of its in- depth and detailed approach to the particular assigned topic. A brief abstract should be prepared to be used for an oral presentation that will enable each student to share his findings with the class. The research paper must be at least six to eight double-spaced numbered, typed pages in length, including the works cited page (a minimum of six citations in the text).12 pt. Times New Roman. 1 margins, stapled.
Points will be deducted if these requirements are not met.
Following are some of the suggestions for research paper. They will be discussed at the start of the semester.
1. The Underground Railroad 8.
2. Draft Riots 1863 9.
3. The Harlem Renaissance 10.
4. Movie Analysis (Crash, John Q, American 11.
History X)
5. Hispanic Culture 12.
6. Multiculturalism/Cultural Diversity 13.
7. Illegal Immigration 14.
Research Suggestions
Asian Culture
Womens Suffrage
The Potato Famine
Immigration and its Impact on American Society
Ethnicity and Globalization
Racism, Discrimination
Life Stories
The Library is a good place to begin your research. Search Eos, the Librarys online public access catalog, to find books on your topic. The Library also has a vast collection of electronic books in its digital library. For articles from periodicals, search one of the many periodicals research databases provided by the Library, including Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, Diversity Studies Collection, Film & Television Literature, Fine Arts & Music Collection, International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance, JSTOR Arts & Sciences, and ProQuest. All digital resources are available through Blackboard. Finally, ask a librarian if you need help.
Standards of Style
It is important to recognize that undergraduate research papers, unlike response papers, are developed with an understanding and integration of the research of published authorities in a given field of study. Research papers must demonstrate the accepted forms of quotations, parenthetical references, and bibliographic citations. For most undergraduate work, the College uses the MLA style of citation. The Library has several copies of the latest MLA guide, MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, on reserve to help students prepare and present research according to the current conventions of physical layout and the documentation of sources.