The Effects of Marijuana on the Brain.

This assignment is intended to allow you to explore an area of psychology that interests you
in greater detail then is covered in this class.
For example you may choose to explore career options in health psychology, the effects of a
specific medication on states of consciousness, elaborate on the link between a particular behaviour
and physiology, the effect of stress management education on general health or a specific illness,
links between personality and specific illnesses, the physiological explanations for why certain
medications improve certain types of difficult behaviour, prejudice and discrimination in health
care, the nature nurture controversy in development, biological basis of intelligence, the biology of
memory, neuronal changes evident in learning, the link between biology and environment in
influencing perception, physiological indicators of jet lag.
In addition to your text, you will need to do some additional reading on your topic of interest.
In order to complete this assignment include a minimum of 3 other references in your reference
You must write an individual paper (no group submissions) prepared specifically for this course.
Your paper must be approximately 1500-2000 words long, computer generated in 12 point font and
properly referenced using APA format.