The effect of Educational literature on reducing stigma on depression

In the discussion section, your main job is to synthesize the results and offer
your conclusions. You might start with a summary of the key findings from your
results section, but do not include statistics here. Crucially, you need to explain
what these findings mean, and how they relate to the existing literature on the
topic (discussed in the introduction). Do they support your hypothesis and rule
out the other alternative answers to the question you asked? How does what you
found support or contradict established or provisional theories? Do they extend
what is currently known in this field of research, or fill in gaps that exist in the
literature? How do you explain any discrepancies between your predictions and
your findings? For example, were there any methodological limitations or are
there any theoretical explanations that can be offered? What are the real world
implications for your findings? What might you do to further research in this
area in the future? Discussion sections should conclude with one or two
paragraphs summarising for the scientific community the state of play on the
issues you raised at the beginning of the introduction.