The Constitution created a Republic, not a Democracy.

Prompt: The fundamental characteristic of the U.S. Constitution is distrust. The Constitution was, in fact, borne of distrust — distrust of democracy, distrust of popularly elected legislatures, and distrust of the public. This distrust is best seen in the electoral system, which keeps the public at arm\’s length, and in the system of checks in which the popularly elected House of Representatives is severely constrained by the Senate as well as the other branches of government.

In sum, the Constitution does not create a real democracy but simply presents a veneer of democracy. It is a political illusion that has allowed elites of various kinds to dominate the politics and policymaking of this country.

Do you agree or disagree with this claim? Why or why not? What evidence do you have to support your argument? *This paper is NOT about if the Constitution is based on distrust; this is a given.

Persuasive essay, 4 pages + works cited, cite sources in the text of the paper as well, double spaced, 12 point font, MLA formatThesis statement: The Constitution created a Republic because [reason 1], [reason2], [reason 3].