The Battle of Stalingrad

The paper should include an introduction with a clear thesis statement, at least five paragraphs supporting the thesis and a strong conclusion that summarizes the argument.

Each paragraph of support should have at least one quote from the research. Primary sources provide the best evidence, and a variety of sources provide better evidence than heavy reliance on one or two sources. Never end a paragraph with a quote; always follow a quote with analysis or comment.

Quotes should not be more than about two lines long, as people tend to skip over longer quotes. All quotes should be followed by a footnote or endnote that gives not only the source but also a page number. Even though quotes are important, the majority of the paper (roughly 85%) should analysis.

Any illustrations should be captioned. The paper should be 6-7 pages in length, not including a title page and the notes and bibliography, or roughly 1700-2100 words.

There should be at least seven sources. Two must be primary sources, two secondary and one a scholarly journal. The other two, are up to you but must be reliable.