The Age of Anxiety

The essays should answer the questions in an organized, clear and concise manner with a minimum of spelling and grammatical errors.

They should make use of the full range of course materials as well as some outside research to assist in formulating the answers, but the Experience Humanities text (or alternative secondary sources) will be most helpful, and the specifics of the Readings to Accompany Experience Humanities collection, already covered in assignments, the least.

General statements should be well supported by specific and detailed examples and it should be clear from your use of examples that you have examined them thoroughly.

Always be clear about your sources. Sources other than class materials and texts should be used but as additions rather than as alternatives to class texts and other materials. When such sources are used, even if just for background, you should provide sufficient citation with which to identify them in terms of both bibliography and notes.

Essay: The 20th century, sometimes referred to as The Age of Anxiety, has been seen as in some ways fulfilling and in other ways bringing an end to the Enlightenment project. Explore the historical context of such ideas and how they have influenced literature, art, architecture and music from the beginning to the end of the 20th century. Make specific and sufficient use of examples of such literature, art, architecture and music.