TESOL – Teaching Language in Use

Assignment for Masters in Tesol and Applied Linguistics – Teaching Language in Use/Context. Referencing in APA 6 format. Evaluate Activity 2 to 6 (p.5/6) in the attached file using guidelines below. Course Notes
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Teaching Language in Use

You should submit a 2,750 word essay. The essay should demonstrate students understanding of the importance of context in language teaching, and how context shapes the use of language The essay should also demonstrate how these principles are or can applied to materials design

Essay title: Teaching language in use

1 Select a piece of published material a single activity will suffice, or at most a short sequence of activities.
2 Select relevant aspects of the principles of teaching language in use, including those from the literatures on discourse and pragmatics that seem useful in evaluating your chosen material.
3 Critically discuss the areas above.
4 Evaluate the piece of material you have chosen, with particular regard to the extent to which it is likely to support learners in using language realistically
5 Reflect on how the materials/practices could be improved