Temperature Dependent Impact Resistance of Polymer Material -What is polymer processing temperature?

The quality of the polymer product is defined by its functionality and durability. Functionality and durability of this system depend on the structure of the material in the product. Changes in the structure of materials at the macro scale will cause a change of material characteristics, which are taken as an advantage of polymers in solving a given problem. Material properties of a given polymer material depend on the boundary conditions that result in modification of the structure. Research work presents how temperature influences on change of material properties in such a way that the material due to the impact absorbs more energy. Such a material could be used to protect a variety of objects due to the impact. The objective is to present the dependence of the damping properties of the product in the impulse loading in dependence on the temperature and the material. Determination of physical characteristics, which we have identified, can be dissipated at a certain temperature. In the experiment, we confirm the assertion that it is possible to change the damping properties of the polymeric material with temperature. It was confirmed that rapid increase in impact resistance corresponds to transition from brittle to ductile type of failure.