Summarize- Transition of care Model Preventing Rehospitalization

\’Transition of care Model Preventing Rehospitalization\’ which is attached below. We need to do Literature Review on this topic.

Assignment Guidelines:

During this unit, you will continue to immerse yourself in the literature and review all relevant articles to your topic. You have looked at some relevant literature to your topic when you developed your introduction/background and problem statement sections. Now, you are going to conduct an exhaustive literature review to be sure you are fully informed of current research relevant to your topic of interest. Please review the relevant sections in Chapter 11 in the Moran text for guidance. Be sure to include any literature support that relates to topics, problems and other areas for consideration that came from your interviews, meetings and other related activities that focus upon leadership and your specific area of focus. The literature review supports the significance and relevance of the problem as well as the proposed project or intervention. Use relevant search terms to your project, and be sure to include each aspect of your project in your search. For example, if you are looking to develop a model for implementation of a standardized approach to integrate service learning in the curriculum, you need to search for evidence that supports the use of service learning as a teaching methodology as well as best methods for integration of a new curricular component. It would also be prudent to discuss literature relevant to a standardized curriculum.

Completion of this assignment will result in a contribution to the final DNP project

At least 10 scholarly references are utilized, half of which are published within the last 5 years.

Rubric Details are also attached