Structuralist Theories

This some information that the professor provided for the coursework that will be used to complete an assignment that will be attached and another order will be placed, for the particular work please review and choose the two structuralist theories accordingly.
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In light of this week\’s revised writing assignment and Forum DQ, it is important to grasp the concepts of social structures and structuralist theories. Hence, based on Turner (2015):
Book used for class Theoretical Sociology: A Concise Introduction to Twelve Sociological Theories.
Read Chapter 8 in Theoretical Sociology.
This the coursework assignment bellow if you have any questions contact me. I have also attached a sample for this assignment.
Select two structuralist theories which you will utilize in your Week 3 assignment, and share their major claims
Use the major claims from each theory to construct two questions illustrating how you would apply the theories to a major world problem