Strategic Leadership

Please write an essay based on the outline below. It is all based on strategic management. Explain all the concepts by giving a short definition and an example showing the implementation of it. If some concepts are not clear try finding online. Thanks

– strategic Leadership
– three interdependent activities (leadership)
– setting a direction
– designing the organization
– nurturing a culture and commitment to excellence and ethical behavior
– overcoming barriers and using power
– overcoming barriers to change
– using power effectively (examples)
– emotional intelligence
– self awareness
– self regulation
– motivation
– empathy
– social skill
– creating a learning organization
– inspiring people with a mission and purpose
– developing leaders
– empowering employees at ALL levels
– accumulating and sharing internal knowledge
– gathering and integrating external information
– challenging the status qui and enabling creativity
– creating an ethical organization
– individual ethics vs. Organizational ethics
– integrity based vs. Compliance based approaches to organizational ethics
– corporate codes of conduct
– reward and evaluation systems