Statement of Objective

I need a statement of objective to attach to me application to the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. I am applying for a MSc in Computing and Information Science. I have attached what I have written so far as a statement. I need you to review and add to it what is appropriate following the guidelines provided by the institute below:
[Guidelines for statement of objectives]
The statement of objectives is very important so we encourage you to write it carefully. We seek a statement of one to two pages (approximately 400 to 1000 words) explaining the reasons for wanting to do graduate work at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.
Your statement of objectives should describe:
-How you think about the world and your professional objectives
-The issues or problems you want to address during your studies at Masdar Institute and the setting in which you eventually see yourself working professionally
-How your previous studies and work experience (if any) relates to what you propose to do at Masdar Institute
-Why you are applying to Masdar Institute and the specific program
-Other matters you think are important for us to know