Speculating about Causes and Proposing Solutions for a National or Global Social Issue

Explore a national or global social issue in your area, at least one of its causes, and a potential solution. For your topic, the social issue should be a problem that can be proven to exist and has potential to be solved.

Begin by stating a thesis that defines the problem, identifies and evaluates at least one aspect of the cause, and offers one potential solution. These three pointsproblem, cause, and solutionwill be used as level I headings for the major parts of the body content.


-The paper should be 6-8 pages in length (double-spaced), plus a reference page/title page, and should use a minimum of eight credible sources. The CSU-Global Library is an excellent place to search for credible, scholarly sources.
-Document and citation formatting should be in CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.
-At the top of your outline, include an open-ended research question that defines the problem and asks how the problem can be solved.
Example/research question: What would it take to reduce obesity in United States/Ohio?

-The research question should be followed by a thesis, which answers the research question by stating a problem, cause, and solution. The thesis can be two sentences long if necessary.

-Example/thesis: [Problem] Obesity across the U.S. is on the rise [Cause] partly due to the amount of trans fats contained in restaurant food. [Solution] One solution would be to regulate the amount of trans fats restaurants are permitted to include in the food they serve and to require restaurants to clearly indicate the level of trans fats contained within each menu item.

NOTE: The sample topic above cannot be used for your project. Topics that should be avoided are those currently being widely debated among media sources. Some topics to avoid include abortion, sex trafficking, gun control, and immigration among others.

-This assignment requires that you cite at least one source for each main topic and a minimum of ten sources total.
To writer:

I already have 8 sources in my \”Annotated Outline\”, please include those sources in the essay. Therefore, you only need to add 2 more sources of your own. Please let me know if you need access to a source, because some of the sources are from my school\’s library.

The outline in my \”Annotated Outline\” is not that good, but it will let you know my topic and what i want to talk about. Please, just follow the topic that i\’ve stated in my outline and bibliography, then write the best essay you can. Don\’t follow the order of my outline. Thank you so much