Special Interest Groups for School Vouchers Undermining Education

Use MS Word or PowerPoint to create a new (second) graphic diagram based on the issue identified in Module 2. School Choice (Are School Vouchers Undermining Education) This diagram should illustrate the relative influence of special interest groups and membership associations on that issue. Illustrate the following:
1. The name and level (local, state, national, international) of the group or association
2. Influence over the selected issue (relative to that of other groups and associations)
3. Overlap with other groups and associations
Part II: Paper 3 pages
Prepare a written analysis of one of the groups or associations portrayed in your graphic diagram.
Use both primary and secondary sources to conduct the research. The paper should include the following information:
1. Rationale (i.e., Why is the organization interested in the issue? What does it hope to gain from its involvement?)
2. Ideological foundations (i.e., What values and belief systems underlie its involvement?)
3. Political action strategies (i.e., What tactics does it use to exert influence?)
4. Impact (i.e., What does the organization consider to be its most successful outcome. What do others say?