Software Paper
Only use online articles that I could retrieve at my end.
Auditors use electronic software programs such as ACL and Teammate software to help them conduct testing of the clients data and documentation. In addition, auditors use electronic software such as Idea to help them perform sampling of the clients data.
Research two Audit Software programs: Select (1) either ACL or Team and (2) IDEA.
In a paper 4 pages double spaced, describe the purpose of the audit software and describe its capabilities. Provide at least two examples of how companies have used the software as it relates to audit capacity. Discuss the benefits from using the software. Discuss disadvantages from using the software if any. Finally, discuss in detail how you would use the software in the context of the Starbucks company. The following links may be helpful.

All papers are to be double spaced using 12 point font size. Sources for the paper are not included in the minimum number of pages neither is the cover page if you choose to prepare one.