Socio-Cultural Perspective on Physical Activity – Photo Essay Assignment

This essay requires an visual component. Is it possible by any chance for you to give me an idea on what to capture as my picture? You have to describe the picture throughout the essay.

My first initial idea was: Sitting on couch, lots of potato chip bags / other junk foods, wearing headphones with laptop on lap and phone in other hand. If this is not a good idea, please come up with a good idea! The picture is crucial for the essay! There is a rubric also attached. Below is the description of everything you need to know for the assignment.:

Assignment #1 (15% of final grade): Photo Essay.

Length: 3 pages double-spaced + Photo + title page, 12pt Times New Roman, one inchmargins all around, numbered pages (except title page and photo); thesis-based essaystructure required; paragraphing required; no underlining or boldface; non-superficialdiscussion and analysis expected, drawing on themes and key ideas from the course;

length limit strictly observed – your paper will not be read beyond the first 3 pages of textand the grade will be based solely on these 3 pages together with the photo.Grading criteria: Clear, effective photo; clear, insightful analysis of photo; effectiveorganization of information; grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and format (rubric will postedon blackboard).

Purpose of assignment: Photovoice is a process of collecting information and expressingpersonal/community experiences, strengths, problems and issues through photos for thepurpose of promoting knowledge, critical dialogue and engaging others (e.g. policymakers, community leaders, family and friends). This assignment requires you to emulatethe activity of collecting photographic information and to engage in critical analysis of theinformation. The goal of the assignment is to raise awareness of physical activity inequitiesin our daily lives. Students may use cellphone cameras.Instructions:

1) Focusing on the local social spaces, activities and situations that make up your daily life, take a digital picture (at least 5 megapixels) of what you deem to be an example ofphysical activity inequity. The picture could feature yourself and/or others. But the photoCANNOT be taken in an area where photography is prohibited, and CANNOT showchildren, faces or identifying characteristics. You can accomplish this by ensuring thatidentifying features are not captured in the original image or by blotting or cropping themout later using image management software.Course Outline Template5

2) Write a 3 page essay based on the photo. In the body of your essay, begin by explaininghow the image symbolizes inequity.

Next, argue for what you believe to be the ultimatecause/causes of the inequity. Finish off the body of the essay with a brief account of whatyou think should be done to help resolve the inequity. The body of your essay should makeup about two and a half pages (minimum). The body of the essay should be supported witha minimum of 3 academic references (APA format). Finally, write a short introductoryparagraph in which you briefly describe the circumstances under which you took the photoand state your thesis (in a sentence or two) about the ultimate cause/causes of the inequity and a short conclusion paragraph in which you emphasize what you believe to be the mostimportant points in the essay. Place the introductory paragraph at the beginning of theessay and the conclusion paragraph at the end. The introductory paragraph and conclusionparagraph taken together should make up no more than about half a page of the essay.