Social Work

Students select a field of practice (child welfare, child protective services, schools, employee assistance programs, criminal/juvenile justice, elderly, mental health, health,hospital social work, substance abuse, military, social advocacy, community) and submit a paper 8-10 pages, APA style.The Cover page and the Reference pages do not count in the total number of pages.

The primary purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that the student understands what a Social Worker does in a specific workplace setting. Details about the activities of the social worker should include the roles of the social worker, the clientele a social worker may engage, and what trends are occuring in the field at this time. The Fields of Practice paper is a paper that involves thorough research of the topic. Students will research a field of social work and obtain factual data to support ideas throughout the paper. Students may use professional journal articles, books, websites, & the course text for information. Students should not use Internet material that does not support empirically based knowledge.