Social Psychology

Quiz Essay
Quiz essay instructions

Read the instructions carefully! These include the ones here and the ones underneath the essay question.
Your essay is to be posted on the discussion board. Do not submit it any other way.
You may post your essay answer from now through July 10th.
For the essay, you must answer the following question:

As an outstanding psychology student, youve become the go-to person for your friends who have psychological problems. Your close friend Felicia tells you that her boyfriend, Len, just broke up with her and as a result, she is feeling down. She tells you that she thinks she might not be girlfriend material because of the breakup.

You begin to think back to the times you say Felicia and Len hanging out together and begin to realize that perhaps Felicia is being too hard on herself and committing the fundamental attribution error.

Explain to Felicia using outside resources what the fundamental attribution error is. Explain to her how it might apply in her case. Give her three examples of times throughout your life that you committed the fundamental attribution error. Advise her on how she can avoid making this error in the future.

You can mention what we have discussed in class.
You must also use at least three outside sources, but you must be careful to cite your sources so that you avoid plagiarism.
The sources should be given within the essay so that the reader knows clearly which information is from which source.
When giving the sources, you must provide enough information for the reader to find the citation. So writing The New York Times is not enough. You may provide a hyperlink to the web page you are citing from or give the name of the article, the authors name, the date (if one is given), and where the article was published.
Additionally, the material that you quote directly should make up no more than 30 percent of your essay answer. This means that you do most of the talking and use the citations to support your assertions.
The textbook should not be used as a direct source.
The essay should be at least 400 words.
In addition to posting your essay on the message board, you must also respond to at least two of your classmates posts. Your response should not be just I agree with you. Rather, your response should be specific about something your classmates wrote. It should add an intelligent perspective to the conversation.