Social Media Peer Activity

this is the requirement from Professor:
After reading Chapter 3 on Writing a Summary in Perspectives on Contemporary Issues and viewing Allison Graham TED TALK How Social Media Makes Us Unsocial, write a summary of the talk and post it here. Pay particular attention to items 1-7 listed on pages 52-53 under \”Writing Your Summary.\” Make sure your summary adheres to these points.

Note: After you have posted your summary for the Social Media Peer Activity, you will automatically be assigned to Peer Review the summaries of two of your classmates. Read them and answer the following three questions about each one:

a. Does the first sentence of the summary include the speaker\’s central idea, as well as her full name and the title of her talk?

b. Does the summary include all of the speaker\’s main ideas and present them accurately? If not, which one/s was missed or distorted?

c. Does the summary use attributive tags (According to the speaker, . . . Graham argues that . . . )?

TED TALK link:

the attachments are the chapter 3 from the book, pay attention to page 52-53 the items 1-7!