Social Media Businesses

*Our research is about social media based businesses in Saudi Arabia with a focus on Instagram based businesses. A lot of Saudis have started their businesses through Instagram. A survey needs to be included in the paper with all the questions in the survey, as well as the answers. However, we will not actually conduct it, but realistic numbers should be provided.

*Here\’s the abstract we wrote:
Many women have resorted to Instagram in order to start their online business, however, the main issue they face is the lack of trust from consumers towards them. This research will address this problem and try to increase trust towards Instagram based businesses by providing several solutions, such as offering customers a secure way of payment, as well as a valid website from which they conduct their business through. They can take orders, track delivery drivers, and fulfill payments through their website. This will show that the business has potential and is not just an online scam. This research will put in focus the way people feel about different Instagram based business. The methods to be employed include surveys, interviews, and focus groups. The expected result should help Instagram based businesses, particularly those of women in Saudi Arabia, in identifying the ways to improve their credibility and consequently, profitability.

*ALSO, here is our Research Question with its Hypotheses that we wrote:
RQ: How can Instagram based businesses increase customers\’ trust?
H1: Customers\’ trust in Instagram based businesses increases by inserting a secured online payment method.
H2: Customers\’ trust in Instagram based businesses increases by inserting a legitimate store website on the account profile.

*And here are also the requirements of how the research paper should be done:
1) Not to be less than 2000 words.
2) You are required to select a realistic marketing problem facing a company/client.
3) Then you are required to prepare a research project proposal to convince your company with your services (bottom-line: sell them).

*Major components of the proposal are:
1) Problem definition: Give a precise, technical definition of the problem that you have selected for research.
2) Developing a pragmatic approach to the problem. Please identify research design, the relevant theory, research questions and hypotheses.
3) Also, assume a survey is to be conducted, then design a suitable questionnaire for the survey and sampling plan and data analysis techniques that will be used with rationale for each.
4) Provide details about the timing and costs of the research.
5) This marketing problem should relate to Saudi Arabia\’s Instagram based businesses.
6) Reference to follow APA style.
7) We want actual answers to the survey questions, not answered by real people but looks real.

*ALSO, I attached a file of the sample of the research paper provided to us, don\’t pay attention to the length of the paper, just provide the same sections in the sample, and well defined, our word count is 2000 words, IF any additional words are needed or necessary, let us know and we will pay the additional amount. *

* PLEASE ask us anything if you have any questions, and once the research paper is finished, we want to review it then let you know if there is anything needed to be modified or corrected. *

*ALSO, the number of sources does not matter, you can choose as many as you want, as long as referencing in APA style is included at the end of the paper.

Thank you very much.