Smart Marketing

You will complete two interactive online activities and then write a reflection paper on what you have learned.

1.In the Marketing: Smart Marketing activity, you will prepare marketing plans for three different target markets and products using the 4 P\’s: product, price, place, and promotion. Click the link below to access the scenario.

2.In the Management Basis: I\’ll Manage activity, you will identify the skills required to manage people and organizations and learn about planning as one of the four major functions of management. Click the link below to access the scenario.

3.After completing the activities, click each button to download the PDF files and attach both files to this assignment.

4.Write a reflection in which you address the following:
o What did you learn about entrepreneurship during this activity?
o Provide a detailed real-world example of a situation in which you could apply these concepts.

5.WCU Toolwire INT: Marketing: Smart Marketing

6.WCU Toolwire INT: Management Basics: I\’ll Manage