Simple Website

Pick a subject for your website that interests you and about which you have some knowledge. It could be about yourself, a hobby, organization, or other topic that interests you. Include only information that you are willing to disclose publically.

Use , , , , and tags in each page to meet the XHTML standard. Also include (headline), (paragraph), (hyperlink), and (image) in each page. Refer to the examples in the textbook for details. Follow these guidelines when you design the pages:

Home Page
Provide a meaningful headline and introduction to the subject
Use an image that illustrates the subject
Include hyperlinks to the two other pages

List Page
Create a list of 3-6 things, such as facts, people, books titles, or relevant websites
Format the list using (list item) tags within either a (unordered list) or (ordered list)
Include a quotation that expresses the philosophy of the site. Format it with the tag
Use a (horizontal rule) tag to separate the list from the quotation
Include a hyperlink to the home page

Catalog Page
Make a \”catalog\” of 4-8 items relevant to the subject that someone could buy. Provide a name, image, and description for each item
Format your \”catalog\” as a 3-column . Use (table row), (table header), and (table data) tags in the table
Include a hyperlink to the home page

Feel free to experiment with other XHTML tags and attributes, but beware of visual clutter. Submit your pages to the W3C validator ( and correct all errors. Include screenshots of the results in your submission.

Note: The first line in all PHP files needs to change from


or PHP files will fail in XAMPP. When verifying files in that line will now be flagged as an error. Ignore that error.
Also include the full XHTML code for each page and screenshots of the pages as your web browser displays them. Summarize the steps you followed to create and perfect the website. Outline the difficulties you encountered and how you resolved them.

Select all the files in your XAMPP/htdocs/myWebSite directory, right click and select send to compressed (zipped) folder.