Sickle Cell Disease

The following 4 articles relate to anatomy and physiology. These need to be read in order to answer the following questions (3,4,5,6,8), these can be done in quick short sentences paragraph format.
The more important part is the throughout review of the Sickle Cell Disease paper acknowledging important concepts while answering the questions that pertains to this article 1,2,7,9,10.

This is for an anatomy & physiology (cadaver course) please use the correct terms with respect to the parts of the body.

The sources are the articles itself.

1) What is the significance of this paper with Anatomy perspectives?

2) Reflect on the discussion and provide a detailed explanation on what is happening?

3) Which paper provides a detailed explanation on cadaver use and purpose?

4) How does ancient Anatomy compare and contrast to modern Anatomy dissection?

5 ) What are the pros and cons of this paper?

6) How well is regional anatomy explained compared to systemic anatomy ?

7 ) Describe the data presented for the paper

8 ) How does microscopic anatomy differ from macroscopic anatomy

9) What are the conclusions.

10) What was used to assess these conclusions?