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What exactly is \”The Research Essay\” for this course?
The Research Essay is the culminating essay assignment for this course. EN 102 (and most other college courses), you will be expected to write Research Essays on various topics within various disciplines, so the experiences you have with this essay\’s process will serve as vital preparation for these future essays.
Essentially, a research essay is quite similar to the other essays you have written for this course. You choose a topic, and you make a point about that topic (thesis). You then proceed (in the body paragraphs) to defend and support your points by providing organized, vivid details, description, and examples. However, in a research essay, you are required to use the opinions and explanations of other writers (sources) to help you in the defense of your thesis. You discover these \”sources\” by carefully conducting \”research\” – hence the name, \”Research Essay.\” These sources must come from viable, reliable, and reputable places like libraries, databases, newspapers, magazines, etc., not online search engines like Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, etc. (These sites may give you some \”direction,\” but they are not reliable as independed sources). You must think of your sources as specialists whom you cite (refer to) in various places in your essay to help you better make your point, so they must be valid, professional, vetted sources.
Keep in mind, you include these sources as a means to help, to assist, to validate your points, not take over and control – so please don\’t \”overuse\” them. You must remember that the essay is still \”Your\” essay, not a conglomeration of sources thrown together to look like an essay. Do not lose control of your essay by overusing sources. Your \”voice\” must control the essay, so make sure that you construct the essay and just use your sources to help support \”your\” point. This is of vital importance. Otherwise you voice is lost, and the essay becomes a robotic grouping of various sources going in multiple directions. Continue to follow the steps in the writing process with this essay, as it will benefit you with controlling the direction your essay takes. Only use the outside sources to support your point

***The teacher wants the introduction to be more the 8 lines. Get the readers attention and introduce the topic. help reader understand the Importance and controversy of the issue. Thesis main idea – your opinion.

** You can use 4 sources and put only one quote on each body paragraphs. hence the name of the author. you can use magazines, newspapers, database
*** I also the fifth page would be the works cited page.