Sense of value/ princpals

This assignment is for a data-informed decision making class.
Readings for this assignment pages 8-130. Link below–100713_fullexcerpt.pdf
Also watch video
Your Assignment
Culture gives people a sense of value. Successful companies have a strong corporate culture. To be successful at any firm, it important to honor the corporate culture.
For this assignment, you will relate stories that demonstrate your company\’s values in light of your readings from Paul Smith\’s Lead with a Story.
1. Complete the assigned readings and watch the video for this unit.
2. In a Microsoft Word document, address the following topics by correlating your own experiences with the findings presented and lessons offered in Smith\’s Lead with a Story:
a. Values are only words on a piece of paper until they are tested. Telling the story of the test, such as the CEO caught in the rain, lets everyone see the company values in action. What are your company values and principles?
o List between five to seven company values or principals on a piece of paper and make note of events or people or situations in your company\’s history that best demonstrate each. These will become your company value stories.
o Provide a brief story summary for each value.
b. Challenge yourself to find an appropriate moment to tell at least one of these stories this week, even if it is just in rough form. Relate that experience.
c. If you are having trouble thinking of value stories, use these springboard ideas to identify some. Think of a time when you, or someone else in your company did the following:
o Had to make a really tough choice
o Made a promise, and had trouble keeping it
o Had to get the company policy manual out to decide the right thing to do
o Had to ask for help from the human resources department or the company ethics officer before making a difficult decision
o Were asked to do something you didn\’t feel good about
o Acted in a way that would have made the founder of your company proud
o Felt conflicted about two separate values