Self Reflection on our Analysis to help expand TrendyCo


3.2: Writing a reflective piece of assessment towards the consultancy report and presentation we delivered in the first semester (December 2016)

The students are required to answer showing evidence of reflective as well as critical thinking in their written assessment. They are to:

A) Address the assessment topic (given) using key concepts, issues, theories and research evidence used in lectures; evidence of additional research work can be expected to earn higher scores.
B) Reflect on their subject related learning and overall learning experiences by stating:
B1: What they have learnt about the topic, share their own critical thinking/views/opinions/positions related to the topic, and show how they explored to achieve clarity and better understanding of what they have learnt (can refer to or include additional research activities undertaken).

B2: What they have learnt by doing this assignment, what facilitated/hindered the learning process, if they are satisfied with their approach and if not how would they do it differently next time. Identification of personal learning/development needs and how such reflection can help them in future life/career can also be made.

for more information please use the link below. I need to ensure a great mark in this reflection as it is a big chunk of the final grade.

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