Science Based Op-Ed on Why people judge others

For this assignment, you will write a 750 word science-based op-ed that brings relevant psychological research to bear on an important social problem. Students are informed that, although op-eds come in many forms, the best papers share several key features: They identify a specific puzzle (e.g., Why are U.S. obesity rates increasing?), examine the problem in light of current scientific thinking (theory) and evidence (e.g., research findings), and communicate some novel insight about the nature of the problem or propose a solution based on available evidence. You are required to use three or more external sources beyond course readings to support their arguments. For each argument you make, you should cite at least one source to support your claims (e.g., studies show that one’s social networks influence whether a person is obese or of normal weight”). Make sure to cite your sources both in the paper (when appropriate, e.g., Brown, 2011) and at the end of the paper as “references.” However, be careful that you don’t fall into the trap of simply repeating or quoting what another person has said. Use the information and sources you find to bolster your argument.