Research Paper: \”Your Beloved\”

Research Paper: \”Your Beloved\” paper

Length: 8 page research paper, typed, double spaced (plus annotated Works Cited
Requirements: Title suggesting your conclusion, centered in the page, not
? Introductory paragraph that introduces each topic in your thesis sentence.
This will probably be the longest paragraph in your essay.
? Thesis sentence, one sentence, at the end of the first paragraph, stating,
specifically, what topics you will argue, and suggesting the conclusion.
? Topic sentences for each of the paragraphs. Complete sentences. Correct
spel-ling. Sentence variation for length and style. Concluding paragraph (at
least one, more would be better), which states what you have proved and its
? Transitions between paragraphs, all paragraphs shorter than an entire page.
? Annotated Works Cited list, using 4 acceptable database sources, no indexes.
? Limited use of the ?to be? verbs. Opening quote, first page.
? For our purposes each paragraph will be at least 4 sentences long.
? Headers to number the pages.
? Use Times New Roman typeface, 12 point font. 1 inch margins.
? Prove/argue/demonstrate something significant, using the research available
in the Library?s databases, demonstrating your intellectual understanding of
Beloved. You cannot prove what others already agree with; there would be no
point. Provide an argument, not a book review. Narrow the focus of your thesis,
providing specific categories of discussion. Good luck, I know you will do